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K-9 services

DPL understands the importance of K-9 units in ensuring the safety and security of individuals and businesses and offers a comprehensive K-9 service to the clients. With a team of highly trained professional officers and canines, DPL's K-9 unit is dedicated to providing the best possible security solutions to the clients.

DPL's K-9 unit is responsible for securing the area and conducting investigations in the event of a crime at a surveillance location. The team of highly skilled officers and canines work together to track suspects, locate missing persons, and detect drugs and explosives. The K-9 unit is equipped with a range of specialized equipment, including bulletproof vests and muzzles, to ensure the safety of both the officers and canines.

The K-9 unit comprises a range of canines, including Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers, among others. Each canine is carefully selected for their temperament, obedience, and agility, and undergoes extensive training to ensure that they are capable of performing their duties effectively. DPL's K-9 unit is committed to providing the best possible security solutions to all clients.